Curatorial Statement

On 6th September 2021, Lateral Geographies announced its second artist in residence: Collagism.
Over the month long residency, Collagism presented Inhale Dreams, Exhale Memes, a series of four videos that centres around elevating consciousness and mental health.

In a world on the brink of ecological breakdown, ravaged by a long-lasting pandemic, gripped by uncertainty and fear, finding time to recharge and ground ourselves isn’t easy.

If the lockdown fatigue has taken its toll on your psyche and you’re looking for a break from the hardships of a trying, bleak present, look no further – you’ve come to the right place.

Sitting at the crossroads of performance and video art, with an endearingly DIY feel to it, the series Inhale Dreams, Exhale Memes has been conceived by London-based artist and Kundalini teacher Collagism to bring some much needed levity and respite from the gruelling reality we live in.

Over the course of four consecutive weeks, Collagism will share videos imbued with yoga wisdom and wit to enhance our emotional wellbeing and expand our consciousness to promote healing, regeneration and reconnection with our inner self.

Inhale Dreams, Exhale Memes stems from 5D Future, a video art portal and pavilion curated by the artist for the 5th edition of The Wrong Biennale (1st November 2021 – 1st March 2022), the bi-annual worldwide exhibition of digital art founded by David Quiles Guilló in 2013.

Clear your mind and breath: your healing journey starts here 🧘

Words by Lateral Geographies Curator Jacopo Nuvolari

Biographical Note: Holly-Anne Buck / COLLAGISM is an Australian artist based in London. Her practice centres around collage, it has taken form over a twenty-year practice through the media of video, musical composition, live performance and site specific interventions. Much of her work focuses on portraiture, particularly exploring ways to represent the human condition in an emboldened fashion, exploring beauty, femininity, tenderness and strength. Her new work focuses on the intersection of performance, technology and spirituality.

Holly-Anne’s work has been exhibited and performed widely internationally including Art Athina International Art Fair (Athens, Greece), Tate Britain (London, UK), The National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia), Chinatown Soup (New York City, USA), The Vaults Gallery (London, UK), The Glamour Bar (Shanghai, China), Eyesore (Tokyo, Japan), CASA VIVA (Mexico City, Mexico), Liverpool Love at Liverpool International Art Fair, (Liverpool UK), Arts Licks Weekend (London, UK) among many others.

She has been featured in Arrested Motion, Hifructose, Design Week, The Wild Magazine, Vogue UK, HookedBlog, LDN Graffiti, Digital Arts Magazine, Desktop Magazine, Hunger, Run-Riot, Time Out London, The Evening Standard, FAD, We Heart, People of Print, The Glass Magazine, Beige Magazine, Speaker TV, Invisible made Visible, COMPLEX, VNA, Wall Street International, 1883 Digital, LivingETC Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, Bite Me Magazine and Self.Styled.