Lateral Geographies

Lateral Geographies is delighted to announce its third artist in residence: Brian Ratigan – the founder of the award-winning independent studio Non Films.

Over the month long residency, Ratigan will present a series of short films about New York as it recovers from the Covid pandemic titled The Architecture of Time: Healing Landscapes.

When the global pandemic broke out, our lives were thrown into disarray. Fear, and an overwhelming sense of impending doom swept through communities across the world as the virus spread like wildfire claiming the lives of millions.

With no cure or effective treatment in sight, we adapted as best we could to a new reality of quarantines and social distancing. Confined to the four walls of our houses and unable to plan ahead, we felt stuck in an endless, dreadful present. [continue reading]

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Lateral Geographies is an online residency programme for both digital media artists and those looking to diversify their body of work in creating for an online environment; the programme is also open to curators with a specialism in new media art. [Continue Reading]