About Lateral Geographies

Lateral Geographies is an online residency programme for both digital media artists and those looking to diversify their body of work in creating for an online environment; the programme is also open to curators with a specialism in new media art.

Lateral Geographies was first conceived amidst the global Covid-19 epidemic to support creative professionals and provide a platform to showcase their work, a space for personal and professional growth in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Lateral Geographies moves beyond the physical conventions of exhibition spaces to link artists, curators and audiences in new, challenging ways, while establishing a working relationship based on constant collaboration and communication.

Lateral Geographies embraces gender and racial equalities, social inclusion and empowerment, and aims to make art available to an ever wider public.

Lateral Geographies is committed to supporting residents in the development of their practice as well as to the critical engagement of its audience.

Lateral Geographies offers each resident the opportunity to participate in an artist interview feature.

Lateral Geographies is supported by 1883 Magazine, and it is curated by 1883’s Arts Editor, Jacopo Nuvolari.

For further information please download the brief below.

Download Lateral Geographies – Artist in Residence Call Out for applications